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Ashwagandha extract 5% Withanoloids

Ashwagandha extract 5% Withanoloids
  • Ashwagandha extract 5% Withanoloids
  • Ashwagandha extract 5% Withanoloids

Approx. Rs 3,000 / Kg

Ashwagandha extract 5% Withanoloids

Pure root extract of Ashwagandha

Immuno booster of Strength and Vitility

We offer Ashwagandha 5% and 10% by HPLC

Ashwagandha Roots Extract Upto 20% Withanoloids by HPLC

Ashwagandha Roots Extract Upto 20% Withanoloids by HPLC

Approx. Rs 1,000 / Kg

Ashwagandha Roots extract

Made from roots of pure Ashwagandha. 

We offer Ashwagandha ext. from 1.5% , 2.5% , 5% and 10% Withanoloids. upto 20% by HPLC and upto 30% Withanoloids by Gravimetry. We are only company to offer upto 20% Withanoloids by HPLC.

We offer both Methanol and Ethanol Extract of Ashwagandha.

We are offering TLC report for Identification that its pure Root extract (No herb mixture)

We have Current capacity 2 MT per month for long term regular supply for Ashwagandha ext.

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Ashwagandha Root

Ashwagandha Root
  • Ashwagandha Root
  • Ashwagandha Root

Approx. Rs 190 / Kg

 Ashwagandha root 

 Thick Ashwagandha Roots
Maximum potency
Ashwagandha Roots

Phytosanitory certificate available

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Ashwagandha, also known as Withania somnifera, has been a widely used and studied Ayurvedic herb for centuries. It is renowned for its adaptogenic antistress effect. It helps to gain strength vigour.

Bioprex offers Highly concenterated extract of Ashwagandha made from pure roots.

Ashwagandha Extract with Total Withanolides (%w/w) > 5 %
1DescriptionLight yellow brown powder
2IdentificationTo pass the testTLC (Thin Layer Chromatography)
3Physicochemical analysis
Mositure Content (% w/w)< 5.0As per USP 24<561> Vegetable Drugs pg. 1885. Pg.2005
Ash content (%W/W)< 8.0
Acid insoluble ash (%w/w)< 5.0
pH of 5%w/v solution4.0 – 6.5As per USP<791> pg.1977
4Heavy metals
5Microbiological analysis
Total viable aerobic count<104 cfu g-1As per WHO/PHARMA/92.559/Rev.1/pg.4952
Total enterobacteriaceae<102 cfu g-1
Total fungal count<102 cfu g-1
E.ColiAbsentIS:5887 (Part I): 1976
Salmonella sp.AbsentIS: 15187:2002
S.aureusAbsentIS: 5887(Part II): 1976
6Aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1, G2)< 5 ppbAOAC Chap 49/HPLC
7Pesticides residue analysis as per USP and BP limits
Organochlorine pesticidesTo comply with USPAOAC Chap.10/GC/ECD/USP 24
Organophosphorous pesticides
OrganosulpherIS: 138321993
8Phytochemical analysis
Total Withanolides (%w/w)> 5 %w/wBy Gravimetry

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